Investment Strategy

We fund growth.  The bedrock of Turnstone's investment strategy is to identify and fund innovation and corporate growth.  Our investment philosophy is based on solving the unique needs of growth companies, where flexibility and tenacity are key to delivering results.  Accordingly, we are highly selective in the limited number of opportunities we sponsor in order to provide the appropriate amount of investor support.  This approach ensures a dedicated team, led by one of the partners at the firm, who knows the company's business and is focused on its success.

We identify emerging trends in technology and business strategy that will fuel the next phase of corporate growth, and back companies that can successfully harness and manage these opportunities.  Accordingly, this has led us to pursue opportunities in sectors experiencing tremendous change, including media and communications, industrial clean technology, and the evolution of the next generation of consumer businesses.

We are stage agnostic.  We believe good ideas come at various stages of corporate development.  While we are cognizant of the various risks to our investments at earlier stage investments, we believe compelling investment returns are available across the corporate risk spectrum, and we seek to identify, price and structure around such risks.

We invest before the herd.  By leveraging its deal sourcing network and the transaction experience of its partners, Turnstone seeks to identify and support proprietary investment opportunities in compelling private companies.  We are comfortable investing alone, as well as with like-minded investment firms, and are not afraid to take on challenging and complex opportunities that other firms might avoid.